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Code-O-Soccer 2019

Kharagpur RoboSoccer Students' Group


Code-O-Soccer is a strategy-based coding competition conducted by Kharagpur RoboSoccer Students' Group (KRSSG) from IIT Kharagpur. This is a first of its kind competition in India where soccer strategies brewing within one's mind are implemented on robots.

The aim of the event is to introduce the concept of autonomous soccer playing robots to students and motivate them to create a challenging strategy using our API for a THREE vs THREE robot match.

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Whats in it for you?

Code-O-Soccer is a unique coding competition which requires you to code soccer strategies. You can get a taste of what Simurosot in Robosoccer Cup is like. You get to battle your way up through the best in the country, under the supervision of the team that won Bronze in Mirosot 2015 in Daejeon, South Korea organized by Federation of International RoboSoccer Association (FIRA) ..

Additionally, there are prizes worth Rs. 50,000 up for grabs!


Participation is open to all soccer enthusiasts. The event is about planning Soccer strategies and coding it. Soccer enthusiasts and coding freaks can team up together for best team combos!


Some easy do’s and don’ts that are simpler to follow than those of a real soccer game! They are explained in the Rules section under the guidelines.


Your code will be up against that of other submissions in a 3-on-3 RoboSoccer match. Good old knockout style tournament. Top 20 teams make it to the finals!
  • Prizes

1st Postition: Rs. 20,000

2nd Postition: Rs. 15,000

3rd Postition: Rs. 10,000

Best Fresher: Rs. 5,000

Problem Statement:

Develop and code the strategy for controlling a team of 3 soccer playing robots in simulator for a 3 vs 3 match .

User Guidelines:

  • Technical Setup:

    -> Download the API and the Debugger for which links are provided aside
    -> Download Visual Studio 2012/13
    -> Follow “Setting up the project “ in website for setting up the environment to code in Visual Studio

  • Description (Follow "User Manual"):

    -> The description of robot and code architecture is explained in “ User Manual “ .
    -> Open “ Game.hpp “ as described in “ User Manual “ .
    -> Three roles are presented as I) Attacker , II) Defender and III) Goalkeeper .
    -> The working of these roles would be coded in their respective function definition.
    -> Ex. : Open “ Attacker.hpp “ and you have to code inside “ attacker(state , botID )“ function. Same goes for other two roles.
    -> Main aim is to code in these three above mentioned files for respective roles.
    -> You can make your own skills or roles , the process is described in “User Manual“.
    -> The code requires state parameters and predicates , which has been discussed in “User Manual“.

  • Running the Code:

    -> Follow “Running Simulator“ part from “User Manual“ or “Setting up the project“.
    -> Go to Simurosot folder , open "Run.bat" in text editor (ex. Notepad++) , change line 4 : from "Abhinav" to your "PC name"
    -> For any further help, visit out Doubts Discussion Forum.

  • Instructions for submissions

    -> Create a ".zip" file consisting of Game.hpp, GoalKeeper.hpp, Defender.hpp, Attacker.hpp
    -> Rename your zip file with your team name in the following format --
    -> Login from your team account and submit your code from your Dashboard

Important Dates

  • Registration & Submissions Opens

    Register your team (max. 4 members) and start working with your team! Every minute counts. You can use our facebook discussion forum to clear all your doubts or drop us a mail at

  • Stage 1:Submissions Closed

    Send us your hard work and hope for the best! Your codes will stand against other submissions and only teams who make it to top 20 teams will be invited to IIT Kharagpurfor participation.

  • List Of Shortlisted Teams

    The big stage awaits those who made it through stage 1, for there the true winners may bask in their own glory. Shortlisted teams will be alloted mentors so that they can impove their codes and strategies for better performance.

  • Main Event

    This is where it all goes down. You will compete head to head with your friends and rivals. Get ready!


Our FIRA bots, lined up and ready for Code-O-Soccer 2016!

Winning Team!

Team Code-O-Rockers with their trophy!

Best Visiting Team

Team Swegbois from NIT Trichy won the third position, and the appreciation of each KRSSG member for having written an outstanding code.


Our Advisor, Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, motivating all participants before the event.

The Organizing Team

The team that made Code-O-Soccer 2016 possible. We're working hard to make this year's event alot more exciting!